Mlyk! is a popular Bulgarian band spectacularly blending punk, ska, metal, alternative rock, grunge, reggae, dub and prog. Since 2004 they have been playing successful shows and their live performances are nothing but entertaining with severe intensity, tons of positive energy and bizarre stage antics. Mlyk! have played a number of festivals, including Bestival in Bucharest and Rokaj Fest in Zagreb, opening for Marylin Manson and Toy Dolls respectively. The band has also been a fixture at Spirit of Burgas, the biggest outdoor festival in Bulgaria, headlined by the likes of Asian Dub Foundation, Faith No More and Suicidal Tendencies.

The debut album by Mlyk! was produced by Bohata for Noizy Recordz and came out in late 2006. It features the now legendary No One Likes the Smart and the Good-Looking that spent 10 weeks on the  British Pulse Rated radio top 10 (peaking at No3 and receiving overwhelming critical acclaim) and topped the charts of the leading Bulgarian rock radios Tangra and ZRock. Other highlights include Brown, Wanna be a Worm, Love Song, Party Time, etc. 2007 saw its follow up, an EP called Soup and boasting some of the best works by the band: the title track (also known as Seaweed Turtle Ninja), Asylum, Peace and Love, Fun is Healthy… In 2008 Mlyk! recorded an EP called Optimistic live in a school gym and its opening track SKAchai (Skank It) had considerable chart success throughout 2009.

 Space Pig was released in 2011 and was recorded and produced by Dimitar Bratanov and his multinational team in London.  This is also their most ambitious work to date, including the devastating 17-minute-long self titled suite as well as several shorter songs such as Lia-Lia-Liato (Summer Hit) and I'm Lazy (Workaphobic) that have received regular airplay and performed extremely well on the charts.

The band's new album Balkanosaurus was released in November 2014 and combines odd meters with catchy song-writing and raw energy, not to mention it is in fact a concept album! 


 MLYK! - new album out NOW!



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