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Space Pig

Recorded in 2010 at Alchemea Studios, Britannia Row, London, Space Pig is the most ambitious and accomplished Mlyk! album to date. Producer Dimitar Bratanov and his multinational team did all the recording, mixing and mastering within several months and surely have something to rave about. The obvious focus of attention here is the 6 part self titled epic. At over 17 minutes, the rollercoaster suite offers an entertaining albeit sarcastic commentary about humanity and the unsuccessful attempt of a supernatural pig from space to save it. Musically it is certainly the most challenging material Mlyk! have ever produced while preserving the wit and simplicity that made them the underground heroes they are. Most important of all it is surprisingly easy to listen to despite its length, there is never a dull moment throughout and all parts flow into each other in a natural yet unpredictable manner. Even the concise radio-friendly Lia-Lia-Liato (Summer Hit) and I'm Lazy (Workaphobic) demonstrate more mature songwriting and it is no wonder both have received regular airplay and performed extremely well on the charts in 2010/2011. Sing Along a Silly Song and Usmivka (Smile) come closer to the stop-start tongue in cheek Mlyk! of the old to bring the perfect balance to their new album.