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Mlyk's eponimous debut was recorded in 2005 and 2006 with Bohata and Noizy Records. Brown, Wanna be a Worm, Love Song and Mlyk (from the 2005 sessions), as well as No One Likes the Smart and the Good-Looking (from 2006) demonstrate the young band's desire to experiment without sacrificing any of the commercial potential of both music and lyrics. Bustling with energy and weird yet catchy moments, all of the above are still played at most Mlyk! shows. Back in 2006 No One Likes the Smart and the Good-Looking was the first Mlyk! song to attract media attention and make the charts in Bulgaria and even the UK, where the local Pulse Rated radio would play the English version of the track for months. Back home, the track (reportedly about a bullied kid) is now considered an underground classic.